Kim Feragen


KIM FERAGEN - Co-Producer


Meet Kim Feragen. Kim is an award winning & published photographer. She graduated from the VanArts - Vancouver Institute of Media Arts digital photography program. Since graduating, she has challenged herself to explore different ways of shooting -fashion, portraiture, industrial, architecture & live sports. Her work has been featured in a number of mediums including The Scene PG magazine.

Her passion for telling image based stories soon evolved to include making films. Kim was recently a recipient of a STORYHIVE grant through TELUSwith which she co-wrote and directed the Final Breath - Short Film set for release in February.

Kim’s many accomplishments also include being a key member of the team that hosted the 2015 Canada Winter Games. Her role with the games saw Kim working with portfolios, media, finance, sport, and advertising. She is no stranger to doing whatever it takes to ensure success for her team.

Her accomplishments and background in photography, film and project management combined with her love of making things happen have led her down an entirely new path for this project.

Kim is Co-Producer on The Doctor’s Case.