Andrew Hamilton


ANDREW HAMILTON - "Lord Albert Hull"


Meet Andrew Hamilton. Andrew originally recieved his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theatre from the University of Alberta.

An early stalwart of Edmonton, Alberta's professional arts and culture community, Andrew spent the first half of his acting career performing in a variety of Shakespeare productions, touring shows and new dramatic works until first discovering a passion for educational interpretation in 1996, while working for the City of Edmonton

Three years later he segued to a successful career in first-person theatrical interpretation at Barkerville, British Columbia. There, except for a two-season stint at Vancouver's now-defunct Storyeum, Andrew has been happy to remain a vital part of Barkerville's award-winning performance team, where he is perhaps best known for playing town namesake William "Billy" Barker.

Andrew has remained active in the traditional theatre, too, most recently appearing in the world premiere of Alberta Theatre Projects' Enbridge Playwrights Award-winning playwright Michaela Jeffery's Godhead at the Sunset Theatre in Wells, British Columbia, and a variety of local caberets.

Andrew is also the writer and performer of a critically-lauded solo verse play called Kaliban, which uses characters from William Shakespeare's The Tempest to tell a wholly original, and darkly funny story.

Andrew Hamilton is playing Lord Albert Hull in The Doctor's Case.